Those "Friends of Science" billboards? Yeah - this.

You know the ones - the ones in Calgary and Montreal? Well, there is a nice Washington Post Article that lays waste to their nonsense.

It isn’t only the IPCC that concludes this. “No satellite measurements have indicated that solar output and variability have contributed in a significant way to the increase in global mean temperature in the past 50 years,” concluded a recent workshop report from the National Academy of Sciences. The report noted that while the 11-year sunspot cycle can lead to changes in total solar irradiance of as much as .1 percent, that only translates into a “few hundredths of a degree centigrade” temperature response on the Earth.

Of particular relevance is this plot from "Skeptical Science"

So the next time someone gives you the whole "It's the sun, stupid" argument, give them this URL and go back to doing something useful.