Feds fail to release report on dangers spills of tarsands output into water

This sort of information should be made public in as timely a manner as possible. Leaving it in draft form and starting another study is just an exercise in cowardice and (sare I say it) political meddling.

Just another reason why Harper and his trained seals need to be given the boot. Remember to be active in the 2015 political campaign and encourage your peers to vote.

Prominent ecologist David Schindler, whose work is cited in the review, said the real state of knowledge about the potential effects of a bitumen spill is even sketchier than the review suggests.

The report adopts a piecemeal, substance-by-substance approach instead of considering the combined effect of all chemicals, he said. It also doesn’t ask what happens if a spill gets under river ice, which has already happened on Alberta’s Athabasca River.

”The recommended list of new activities will not solve these shortcomings,” Schindler said in an email. “They are simply recommending more of the same deficient tests, fine for initial screening, not for protecting ecosystems.”