BC dam threatens 12,000 years of little studied NA history

This is heartbreaking. Yes, I understand that there will be some study and preservation done, but the loss of the sites will mean that future advances will not be able to be brought to bear (bare?) on the region. And that is not even addressing the First Nation's concerns.

Even "Green" power sources have their casualties.

“The area that is going to be flooded is significant. The Peace River was a well-travelled route between the lowlands and the front ranges of the Rocky Mountains,” he said. Once the third dam on the Peace River is complete, there will be a stretch of just 62 km of the river left intact in British Columbia.

“You need to make a concerted effort to recover the knowledge of that history as much as possible – what is needed is a research strategy, and we are not approaching the destruction of that river valley in that way.”