Not in our name: a kickstarter w/ a CDNSCI aspect

It's to fund a movie that will basically rail against pretty much every decision made by "The Harper Government" and the Industrial influence that has made it possible.

“Not in Our Name” (NION) will explore the axis of Industry, Media, and Government, which prioritizes corporate interests over the people’s. The film will show how similar tactics are being employed in the US, Britain, Australia…leaders administering the instructions of the multinational corporations who bought them. They count the profits while we, society and the environment count the cost.

And, yes, there will be a portion that deals with the decimation of the Canadian Federal science capability:

Critical programs that monitored the melting arctic, smoke stack emissions, food inspections, water quality, oil spills and climate change have been systematically dismantled.

Hundreds of the world’s scientists have written an open letter to the Harper government, voicing concerns over the inability to conduct basic research environmental and health issues, and other areas of science that should contribute to the public good.

So, yeah, if this conforms to your political bent then you might want to chip in a few Pesos (CDN)