Vaccines effective, science unclear: Poll

I'm happy about the effectiveness numbers, but the "science is unclear" numbers worry me.

The poll, which was conducted from Feb. 9 to 11, found broad support for vaccinations:

- Eighty-eight per cent of respondents said vaccinations prevent diseases in individuals, while slightly less (86 per cent) said they were effective for the community as a whole.
- Eighty-three per cent said they would vaccinate their own children.
- Seventy-four per cent agreed people who oppose childhood vaccinations are “irresponsible.”
- Almost two thirds of respondents (63 per cent) said vaccinations should be mandatory.

Despite the strong numbers in favour of vaccines, the poll suggests there are still doubts: Almost two in five respondents (39 per cent) said they agree that “the science on vaccinations isn’t quite clear.”