Bird Studies Canada scientist addresses Orillia club

Outreach like this is a necessary part of science. We all need to contribute to keep science in the public eye and in a positive manner.

Doug Tozer, program scientist with Bird Studies Canada (BSC), recently presented a report to the Orillia Naturalists’ Club on such a project — the Great Lakes Marsh Monitoring Program. Tozer has been fond of birds as long as he can remember, starting with locating grey jay nests and moving on to making formal reports of his bird nest findings.

The Great Lakes Marsh Monitoring Program, operated by BSC, has been in place since 1995 collecting data on the bird and frog populations in the marsh areas around the Great Lakes, including neighbouring states. The birds and frogs are indicators of marsh health. Information collected by volunteer citizen scientists helps BSC track and report on the health of marshes throughout the Great Lakes.