The scourge of science-denialism

Giving equal time to scientists and to deniers is obviously wrong. And yet we keep giving the deniers a platform. I think we need to have a better informed press so that it can independently tell the difference between science and snake oil. We can't stop the internet echo chamber, but a better educated media would be a good first step.

Sadly, we as citizens are not willing to pay for news and commentary. So perhaps we deserve the world we are living in.

Step 1: find a media outlet that you feel does science well

Step 2: buy a subscription

Step 3: encourage others to do the same

Voting with dollars is probably a good way to start.

Though there isn’t a cure for science-denialism, there are steps which can be taken to mitigate the risk, keep the contagion in check. By refusing to give the infected a platform, be it through on-air interviews or quoting at length in print, media can prevent misinformation from benefitting the appearance of validity. Yes, every person is entitled to an opinion, but no, every opinion does not warrant equal merit.

Medical professionals and the science-minded can work to counter the pseudoscience by making themselves available to help the under-informed navigate the information minefield; providing resources to debunk anti-vaccine assertions; answering even the silliest question without judgement.