External Affairs minister to help reform World Health Organization

I cannot see this ending well. I mean, given the government's attitude towards health (see e.g. First Nations) and science in general (really? I don't need to give examples, do I?) the end result woudl have to be a gutted WHO with big-pharma companies contracting with mercenaries to deal with the next Ebola.

The mind simply boggles

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is the head of the Independent Commission on Multilateralism and he slipped into Ottawa largely unnoticed this past week to meet one of his co-chairs: Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird.

Baird and Borge Brende, his Norwegian counterpart, are co-chairing the commission.

It aims to repair what many see as an ineffective UN system to help it cope better with threats to global security, such as terrorism and international pandemics.