Well, I'm back - kind of.

G'day everyone. I'm back. Did you miss me?

Now that the election is over I can return, from the morass that is a political campaign, back to what rocks my boat - Canadian science. But a few caveats are in order for those of you who might care.

First off - I'm going to be re-entering this blog/Facebook/Twitter account/mailing list slowly. The effort I was putting in before the election was amazingly time consuming and I don;'t think I can go back exactly to that. So don't expect a lot of activity right away.

On the other hand, I still want to make sure that people get as much Canadian science news as possible. I think that was a large part of my contribution to the community.

So that brings me to the Second point - I will be looking to change up how I do business. I do not know what form that will take at the moment, but something will have to change. Stay tuned.

And Third - related to the first two - is that I might be looking for some increased input from the community. Once again, I do not know what form that might take, and it may not happen at all, but if you are at all interested in helping to contribute to my mandate of championing and helping protect Canadian Science then keep your eyes open for a future call for assistance.

Finally, and this is probably implicit in the previous statements, I still see a role for this blog/etc in the post-Harper era. I expect that Canada will still be doing great science and - if Trudeau follows through with his promises - I hope that there will be even more that can be talked about. But that caveat - "if Trudeau follows through with his promises" - is an important one. The science community in Canada has been badly burnt by the Harper Conservatives and we need to make sure that the new government helps fix the wounds. So the community needs to watch what the new Canadian Government does and hold them to their promises.

I hope to help with that, and I trust that all of you will also.

So - watch this space. And if you have any thoughts/ideas/criticisms, please send them my way.