UNB backs prof who says Asian immigration damages Vancouver

Cities change - big deal. I think I would need to understand what he means by "damages." Has the economy tanked? Literacy gone down? Crime gone up? Pollution gone up? What "damage" are we talking about? Is it simply "the British character" is being changed?

That said, I support Academic Freedom of Speech, and I am happy to see that this viewpoint is being debated publically.

“For some people, these are deeply offensive views and I understand that completely,” said Mr. Robinson, whose association represents 68,000 members across Canada.

“But I think there’s greater harm done if we suppress free speech and violate academic freedom than if we allow an individual to express his or her viewpoint in the broad light of day and allow the academic community and other researchers to look at the claims being made and determine whether or not they are supported by evidence.”