Scientists, public not on same page - or even in same book

This is an extremely scary report. The first paragraph shocked me, and things just got worse.

If you can find a link to the Science article in question, I would appreciat eit.

The new survey of 3,748 scientists and 2,002 adults in the general public, conducted by the Pew Research Center, found:

• Asked whether genetically modified food is safe, 88 per cent of the scientists say Yes, but only 37 per cent of the public agreed. That’s a gap of 51 percentage points;

• Should animals be used in research? The scientists were 89 per cent in favour, while 47 per cent of the public said Yes, a split of 42 percentage points;

• On evolution, 98 per cent of scientists and 65 per cent of the public believe humans evolved over time;