Stephen Harper - Fighter of facts, destroyer of capability

Harper's been fighting a war against facts since he started - the facts just aren't on his side. But he knows that people do not make decisions based on facts unless the facts back up their emotional responses.

So let's make sure that we appeal to people's emotions this election year - the desire for a healthy environment, to leave a good world for our kids to live in, to provide an economy that can compete in the future - and back up this appeal with facts. If we do it right we will have an unbeatable 1-2 punch that will lay the Conservatives on the mat and down for the count.

But make sure we don't rely on facts only.

After eight years in office, Harper’s promise to regulate the energy sector remains as empty as the look behind his eyes. There’s a reason the Green Party just enjoyed the best fundraising year in its short history. May, like most Canadians, sees the big picture: All Stephen Harper has done in office is play shortstop to big business.