Ottawa should commit to ambitious telescope project

Yes. Yes it should. The political calculus is complicated bythe plunging oil prices however. If they hadn't plunged I would have seen this as an election bribe by the Conservative party. Now? Who knows?

Canada has already spent $30 million in the early phases of the project, in partnership with leading U.S. universities, as well as Japan, China and India. Our full participation will amount to another $300 million over a number of years – and with ground already broken at the site Canada must now decide whether to commit for the long term.

Ottawa should step up to the challenge. This is a chance to really think big and open the door for Canadian scientists to be at the leading edge of research and discovery. Most of the money, after all, will stay in Canada to build the structure’s enclosure in British Columbia and develop so-called adaptive optics that will greatly improve the TMT’s image quality.