Earth to rip open like a zipper, when overdue Vancouver Island quake strikes

I'm of two minds on this types of story. On the one hand, it is useful to keep people aware that "Real Bad Things" (TM) can happen, but on the other hand it also smells of sensationalism and fearmongering.

But the tie between First Nations oral history and the recorded Japanese history is actually quite exciting to me. So I learned something. And I always enjoy that.

Bird says experts know that the ancient quake and tsunami devastated the western shores of Vancouver Island and the eastern coast of Japan.

“This completely jibes with First Nations oral history, which talks about the fact it was wintertime and they’d just gone to bed,” she says. “Sadly, villages along that western coastline were decimated by this wave. Many people were lost. The (Japanese) recorded the time the wave hit at various points along the coast and how high the wave went up.”

She says if a similar earthquake occurs now, people living along the outer coast of Vancouver Island will have between 15 and 20 minutes to escape. Victoria can expect a tsunami wave of between two and four metres within 75 minutes.