Opinion: It’s up to left-of-Harper voters to unite

This is not CDN science, but the basic problem (removing Harper and his cronies from power) certainly impacts CDN science. You may or may not feel that this is the solution, but it is something that you should give some thought to.

If they can’t countenance some kind of merger, could they at least look at the ridings where they are likely to split the vote, and agree not to run candidates against one another? Given the parties’ silence on this issue and that nomination races are underway, this seems unlikely. Trudeau seems to believe his newness, name and energy will give the Liberals the bounce they need to win it all. Unfortunately, the electoral system is against him.

This leaves it to the voters, then, to get something done. There are precedents for tactical voting and cases where it was credited with affecting results, like in the 2011 Slovenian parliamentary election. Vote swapping, with the help of the Internet, was around in both the 2008 and 2011 Canadian federal elections (see votepair.ca), but had little effect.