New science funding focused on short-term "innovation", not long term knowledge generation.

Looking at these areas, I'm not expecting that fundamental research is going to fare well in the competition. This appears much more about "innovation" (commercializing S&T) and less about knoweldge generation.

No, I'm not surprised.

The strategy document identifies five “priority research areas” where the government plans to concentrate its support including:
- environment and agriculture
- health and life sciences
- natural resources and energy
- information and communications technology
- advanced manufacturing

I think that it is also important to note that this funding (and honestly, it ain't that much) is only happening after a decimation of the country's science infrastructure, and a fundamental shift into short-term, commercially focused, research.

I hope that, when we eventually remove our current cynical and small minded cretins (sorry, did I lose objectivity?) from office, the next government will restore a balance to the Canada's R&D infrastructure and capabilities. After all, it is not possible to commercialize knowledge that has not been created.