The late Fr. Bill Lonc: Jesuit physicist, a loyal friend, problem solver

I'm not a religous man, but I've never really unxerstood some religous ppl's aversion to science. As with Fr. Lonc, I always viewed science as "just one more opportunity to discover God in all things." We could use more believers who had a balanced view like he did.

Fr. Lonc was born in London, Ont., May 5, 1930 and studied physics at Sir George Williams University in Montreal before entering the Jesuit novitiate Sept. 7, 1954. At first he was a member of the Polish Province, but eventually joined the English Canadians. The Jesuits sent him on to advanced studies to earn first a doctorate in physics then a licence to teach philosophy from St. Louis University in 1965. He was ordained a priest in 1968.

In addition to his career teaching astrophysics and microwave physics, he served as a visiting short-term teacher at Bellarmine Prep in San Jose, California. He was one of a small number of scientists who were given access to the environmentally sensitive Sable Island off the coast of Nova Scotia. He also became an expert in amateur radio.