Government Highlights National Conservation Plan

I don't understand this press release. It's done on Boxing Day, so no-one will read it, even though it seems like something the Conservatives want ppl to read in advance of the next election. But as a boast, it is embarassing in its brevity, so - even if what it says is all true and unvarnished (something I cannot trust "The Harper Government" (spit) to give us) it actually works against the point it is trying to make. Oh - and Environment Canada PR people once again show their complete lack of spines by starting this thing "Harper Government".


The National Conservation Plan, which was a commitment made in the 2013 Speech from the Throne, is one of the many initiatives the Government has undertaken to protect Canada’s natural heritage for the benefit of future generations. It provides a more coordinated approach to conservation efforts across the country with an emphasis on enabling Canadians to conserve and restore lands and waters in and around their communities, and making it easier for citizens living in cities to connect with nature.