R&D, social infrastructure headed into toilet, gov't and corps fiddle.

Okay - it's a rant. But it is a fairly on-point rant. Force yourself to read to the end and then feel free to comment either at The Tyee or below.

An OECD study reported in the Globe shows that Canada has dropped out of the top ten in research and development spending and now ranks 12th. While we de-industrialize and fall back on raw resource exports, previously underdeveloped countries — Taiwan, India and Brazil — are now outspending us as they industrialize.

We continue to decline in the World Economic Forum’s World Competitiveness Index as well. For 2014-2015 we rank 15th.

Even worse, in the category of “innovation and sophistication factors” we rank 25th.

The Conservative gov't has been preaching "innovation" for a decade now. And not just failing at delivering it, but moving us backward.

Strange that they are the ones that have a reputation for responsible financial management, innit?