Gov't and ROM to Bring the Story of the Franklin Expedition to CDNS

I love the discovery, but the more I see of the full-court-press that the gov't is putting on this project, the more it gives me a bad taste in my mouth - like we're at the receiving end of propoganda instead of science.

The Franklin Outreach Project will include pop-up displays, lectures, and exhibitions and incorporate contemporary research and technology and Inuit traditional knowledge to bring the Franklin story to life. The centrepiece of the travelling programme is a 3D printed replica of the bell recovered from HMS Erebus. A nationwide program hosted by the ROM is also in development with members of the History Museums Network and Parks Canada to bring to life this important part of Canadian history.

Oh - and let us add Parks Canada to the list of gov't departments with spineless bureaucrats who bend over to the demands that they use taxpayer money to improperly brand gov't actions as partisan ones.