Teen contraband smokers more likely to use illicit drugs: Study

Wow - the fraction of kids who use hard drugs is nuts.

According to the study, 22 per cent of all adolescent smokers in Canada used cocaine. Among those who smoked contraband cigarettes, 31 per cent reported using cocaine, whereas only 18 per cent of non-contraband smokers reported using cocaine. Use of MDMA (ecstasy) was also more prevalent among contraband smokers (45 per cent) than among non-contraband smokers (33 per cent). The rate of ketamine and amphetamine use among the contraband-smoking teens was almost three times as high as the rate among non-contraband-using teens—and more than six times as high for heroin.
— http://www.sciencecodex.com/teen_contraband_smokers_more_likely_to_use_illicit_drugs_study-147654