McGill Scientists Claim Potato Extract Could Prevent Obesity

I always kind of wonder about these sorts of "miracle" cures. Do these extracts affect certain nutrients more than others (i.e. could you end up with a deficiency of some sort)? Might the extracts have adverse side effects? Just how healthy are these. But hey, science can look into these things.

Whoa, what if the government had a department to do this sort of public interest science and regulation? Wouldn't that be great?

Investigators fed mice an obesity-inducing diet for 10 weeks. The results soon appeared on the scale: mice that started out weighing on average 25 grams put on about 16 grams. But mice that consumed the same diet but with a potato extract gained much less weight: only 7 more grams. The benefits of the extract are due to its high concentration of polyphenols, a beneficial chemical component from the fruits and vegetables we eat.