2014 ST&I strategy - not about science, all about money

A couple of weeks back I created a word cloud for the new Science Strategy. The question is, what does this mean?

Look at the word cloud, we can see that “innovation” trumps “science”, as expected. But the word cloud actually overestimates the value of “science”. Removing the times that “science” and “innovation” are used in the phrase “Science, technology and Innovation”, we find that the words “innovation” and “innovative” are used 54% more times than the words “science” and “scientific.”

Increasing the semantic evidence that this document is more about business than science, we can compare the ratio of the words “business”, “industry” and “industrial” to the words “college” and “university”. We find that the former are used almost 4x more than the latter.

For extra points, we can compare the number of times that “knowledge” and “discover” are used (110 in sum) to “economy” and “economic” (199 in sum).

In short, simply looking at word usage frequency we can see that the document is not so much about science as it is about, well, making money.

You could knock me over with a feather.