Science & Technology Museum - $80M, National Arts Centre $110M. Draw your own conclusions

In today's Ottawa Citizen there is an article that states that the Fed's are going to invest $110M to renovate the National Arts Centre.

The project will see a new glittering glass facade for the 45 year-old NAC was revealed by Herrndorf and federal cabinet ministers John Baird and Shelley Glover in a packed media conference inside the Salon. In addition to creating a new entrance on Elgin Street, the project will see work done to upgrade the “patron experience” in time for the 150th anniversary of Confederation in 2017. That means, among other things, a new cafe, an expanded event space, new lobby space and — yes Virginia — new washrooms.

Compare, if you will, with the $80.5M taht the Feds will "invest" in the Science and Technology Museum to fix a roof in imminant danger of collapse, remove asbestos that is spreading to the interior of the building, fix leaks in at least a dozen places, fix airborne mold that is 154 times the acceptable level.

FWIW, the "engineers warned the whole structure could cave in this winter if more than 25 centimetres of snow builds up." Ottawa is expected to get between 10 and 20cm of snow today and tomorrow.

Personally I'm feeling a bit outraged at the NAC getting more money for cosmetic upgrades than the Science and Technology Museum is getting for absolutely necessary and long overdue repairs and maintenance (and yet still leaves the Museum as a sub-par national museum).

How about you?