2014 ST&I strategy - my TL;DR version

I've finally finished reading the 2014 ST&I document. I will be posting my thoughts in short, easy to digest snippets. But for those who want my overall impression (and, honestly, who wouldn't), here it is:

Given the Harper Government's reluctance to change paths, never mind admit mistakes, it comes as no surprise that this document doubles down on their philosphy of the last several years by increasing the prominance of "innovation" and tieing research institutions to industry. This despite the fact that - in the strategy itself - they provide evidence that their policies are not producing the desired increase of innovation nor are they increasing the amount of money that Canadian firms spend on R&D.

Nonetheless, federal funding will continue to be focused on the same priorities, with the addition of agricuture to the environment "priority." A significant amount of type was spent on research to support the manufacturing sector, while more trees died to support the government's intent to support business incubators and venture funds.

The strategy promises that federally funded research will become more transparent so that researchers will more accountable to the taxpayers that foot the bill. Publications and data will thus be expected to be made publically available in a timely manner.

Federal government research is occassionally mentioned, with the stated goal of such research being to "support gvoernment decision making." Federal government research will be made more open by annually publishing a list of reports created by Federal Government scientists, but no mention is made of easier access to the actual scientists.

Finally, the wording of the document continues to tie the actions of the Government to Stephen Harper and his minions. Constant reference is made to "our Government" and how "we" will be instituting certain measures. This should surprise noone who has been paying attention to the branding of "The Harper Government" . I remember when it was the Government of Canada but then, I am old.

In short - the status quo, only moreso. That is not to say that there isn't more to say about the document, just that there are really no shockers.

(in case you were wondering - "TL;DR" is shorthand for "Too Long; didn't read" meaning the reader was too damn lazy to read the whole thing. In this case it's because the writer is too damn lazy to write the whole thing which, in the end, comes out the same. You're welcome)