The progressive war on science - worse than the conservative one?

I'm not sure I totally buy her thesis that it is only "progressives" that fight against vaccination, GMOs, nuclear, energy projects and the like. Nonetheless, there is certainly truth to the idea that even those who fight for science will ignore science that does not back up their preconceived ideas and fears.

So I guess the question is - what would it take for you to reverse a dearly held preconception or view? Perhaps, just perhaps, if we recognize these biases and understand where they come from in ourselves, maybe we might be able to start engaging others who we view as less than enlightened.

Or maybe people are people and we just have to muddle along as best we can.

Nearly 9,000 people in California have come down with whooping cough this year, and a handful have died. Repeated pleas from public health officials have gone unheeded. “Children are the victims of our ignorance,” vaccination expert Paul Offit wrote in The Wall Street Journal. “An ignorance that, ironically, is cloaked in education, wealth and privilege.”

Yet it’s conservatives – religious, less educated, less wealthy and certainly less liberal – who are generally condemned for dogmatically refusing to embrace science. After all, they’re the knuckle-draggers who believe that evolution is just a story and that global warming is a crock. In Canada, a week is not complete without another denunciation of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s so-called war on science.