CDN space co. doing well. Just not in Canada. Vague threats follow.

An interesting blog from "The commercial Space Blog" . Basically says that Maconald Dettwiler and Associates (the company behind the Canadarms and Radarsats) is focusing its business outside Canada (because the space activity here is sporadic and unfocused at best) and, as a result, they may move their head office.

When I first heard that MDA had acquired a US space company my money was that MDA would move it's operations south of the border anyhow since the CDN gov't would not allow the company to be bought my a US company. My only surprise is that it is taking them so long.

Anyhow, an election is coming up, and a major CDN company is making noise, so I expect that some sort of contract will go to MDA as part of a backroom deal to keep MDA in Canada and appeal to CDN space geeks.

According to Friedman, MDA used to invest 90 percent of its research and development budget in Canada, but that has now shrunk to one-third of the total budget, as US and other nations show more promise and offer more support to operations.