Canada increasingly isolated on Climate issues (surprise!)

It's probably immature of me to use the phrase "schadenfreude" here, but it's nice to see that Harpers climate chicken are coming home to roost. First up:

... he has become increasingly isolated and Canada’s relations with its allies and trading partners are showing the strain. French President François Hollande made a vain plea to Harper to act on climate change during his visit to Ottawa last month. The 120 heads of state who attended September’s United Nations Climate Summit in New York noted his absence. His aggressive lobbying for the Keystone XL pipeline alienated Obama.

And now it is becoming obvious that Harper is not going to be able to hide behind the US or to spin his "accomplishments" (if such things exist - spoiler: they don't). And it's going to be Obama, whose relationship with Harper is frosty at best, who is embarrasing him:

Generations from now, if our great-great-grandchildren here in Canada are privileged enough to inherit a safe and healthy environment (and there is no certainty of that), history may credit the unlikeliest of political champions.

His name will surely not be Stephen Harper. However clever he may be in political terms, Canada’s prime minister shows indifference and contempt on the issue of climate change in virtually every substantive action.

So perhaps schedenfreude is appropriate. Relief also. And perhaps worry that we've wasted so much time getting to where we are now.