Not #cdnsci, but a general list of recent good news in science. Great read!

No, this isn't Canadian Science. Instead, the author has listed a number of feel good science stories that, well, I can't resist sharing with you.


There are specific stories (a number about how General Relativity is still being validated all over the place, but I found this bit to be the most heartening:

A 2013 Harris Poll finds that belief in Darwin’s theory of evolution is now at 47 percent, compared with the 42 percent recorded in 2005. At the same time, and probably for the same reasons, the percentage of global-warming deniers in the U.S. is measurably declining. According to a new Yale study in October 2012, 70 percent of Americans said they believed in global warming, compared with 57 percent in January 2010. During the same time, global-warming deniers fell from 20 percent to only 12 percent. And — oh, yes — the Creation Museum may be going bankrupt, as attendance has dramatically fallen!

So read and enjoy!