Why Does the Fight For Aboriginal Rights Equal a Rejection of Science?

I'm honestly not sure that it does. Or that it is. How many aboriginal ppl have chosen modern medicine over more questionable cures? I'm sure that the number is much greater than those who have gone the non-science-based route. But I agree that it is a pity that the issue- the choices of parents in their children's health care vs the role of society and the courts in protecting those who cannot make their own choices - is conflated with the fight for "aboriginal rights" (which should be framed as the fight for "human rights for all"). 

From my point of view it would be gratifying to see the cause of indigenous rights asserted on something actually indigenous, rather than upon the creative practices of a Florida massage therapist or the proposal that Jesus cures. In some hospitals, an intergrationst approach has been taken, in which elders and cultural potocols have been brought into the institution. Belief in a culture doesn’t have to manifest itself in absolutist choices between supposed cultural purity and betrayal. Unless, I suppose, one is an absolutist.