The Times Higher Education on Canada and the ‘war on science’

 A good article, but I really wish that  they hadn't ended it with a strawman argument from Andrew Leach. It starts off good...

Before he entered politics, Stephen Harper trained as an economist. It was perhaps prophetic that the Canadian prime minister decided to enter a field widely known as the “dismal science”: these days, his relationship with those practising most other types of science grows progressively more dismal by the day.

But then the allow Andrew Leach to get in a word

But while he believes that academics should be free to speak out, Leach says that it’s only fair that their colleagues in the government operate under different restrictions; untrammelled openness from them, he believes, might very well skew the process of policy development.

After all, one could reasonably (and in my view, correctly) argue that the process of policy development is *already* skewed. But that's a topic for another post (possibly pre-fixed "rant" :^)