Conservatives have a problem discerning "facts" from "opinions"

This comes as no surprise, given "The Harper Government's" <*spit*> track record, but it's clear that the Conservative party has serious issues discerning "facts" from "opinions", and "conclusions" from "prejudice masked as opinion."  Case in point: 

Environment Minister’s own point man is dismissing Environment Canada’s projections on greenhouse gas emissions reductions as just an “opinion.”

This is not an "opinion". This is a conclusion based on rigorous collection and understanding of facts and physical processes. As the old saying goes "opinions are like assholes - everybody has one." It has also been noted that there is another similarity - "nobody likes rigorously inspecting their own for problems."

That is why the government has (well, for now) experts whose job it is to differentiate between "opinion" and "facts." They are not interchangeable (as THG <*spit*> would like us to believe).

And that is the core problem with THG <*spit*> - they view scientific facts, understanding, and conclusions as interchangeable with opinions, and since they have their own opinions they don't need to listen to other peoples. And so they can do whatever they please.