Canada falling behind global leaders in R&D

Okay - you have to read this. One quote does not do the article justice. Basically, it spells out in very stark terms the fact that "the Harper Government's" <*spit*> desire to focus R&D spending on "innovation" <*spit*> is a failure. We, as a nation, are ceding our leadership roles across the scientific spectrum in pursuit of an economic return which is not materializing.

Canada now ranks 12th in overall spending, according to the report, released last week. It invested less in R&D in 2012 ($21.8-billion U.S.) than it did in 2004 ($22.7-billion). Four countries that Canada handily outspent a decade ago – Russia, India, Taiwan and Brazil – have all jumped ahead.

Where, Mr. Harper, does this make sense? 

"The Harper Government" <*spit*> cannot even turn back the tide - or at least not easily. In it's rush for a mythical "innovation" <*spit*> goldmine, the government has seen fit to destroy much of the infrastructure - both personnel and physical - needed to support a full spectrum science enterprise.

Bravo Mr. Harper. You've fucked up. Not just your agenda, but our future. Oh, don't worry - we will recover. But only after your sorry ass gets kicked out of office.

Election 2015. I'm sure it's on your calendar.

We - the community that knows the importance of a full spectrum science enterprise - we, will make this an election issue. We will demonstrate your failure in all it's gory "glory." After all, you've given us plenty of ammunition.