Environment Canada doesn't have the backbone to stand up to "Harper Government"

The story itself is nice to see, even if it *is* part of Harper's ongoing effort to buy our votes in the next election

The Government of Canada will be investing a total of $8 million over five years and $725,000 on an ongoing basis in 10 National Wildlife Areas across Canada that have been selected as suitable for increased public access.

The problem is the headline. "Harper Government". This makes me gag. The effort advertised is something that the Government of CANADA is doing, not the Government of Harper (whatever *that* may be). The fact that the Conservative Party is allowed to promote itself by rebranding taxpayer funded press releases is odious enough (is it too much to ask for corruption charges to be laid? I guess so).

But what really gets my figurative goat is the fact that the Bureaucrats inside Environment Canada are so cowardly as to allow this injustice to take place. Good lord people - grab a backbone. Stand up to this vile misuse of taxpayer funds. Afraid of being fired? Gather a paper trail and take the bastards to court if they should fire you. At the very least, dump the paper trail of threats and intimidation to Wikileaks.

Either way, stop meekly allowing yourself to be used for partisan purposes. Show some pride people.